Affiliate Links – Enough Light

Enough Light the debut solo release from songwriter Bradley Davis’s debut as Affiliate Links is out now (September 9, 2022). After more than a decade immersed in instrumental post-rock as a member of Fresh Snow, Enough Light is as bold an about-face as anyone familiar with Davis’ previous band could expect.  “I felt compelled to make music filled with …

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Nucleus ‘Under The Sun’ and ‘Alleycat’ Reissues

We Are Busy Bodies announces the remastered reissues of British progressive jazz-fusion group Nucleus 1974 album ‘Under The Sun’ and 1975’s ‘Alleycat.’ Both albums were originally released on the Vertigo label. The albums have been remastered by Noah Mintz of Lacquer Channel Mastering and art restoration by Steve Lewin. Both albums will be released on …

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Three Reissues That Illuminate South African Jazz During Apartheid

Writer, Morgan Enos wrote an incredibly well researched and thoughtful article for Discogs on some of our recent and forthcoming reissues. We count ourselves in incredible company alongside all those interviewed in the article and are excited to share more of our releases shortly. To start, we are excited to announce a partnership with As-Shams/The …

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We Are Busy Bodies announces Vis-A-Vis Reissue Series

With its much-lauded release of South Africa’s Heshoo Beshoo Group now imminent, Canadian label We Are Busy Bodies next turns its attention to West Africa, as it proudly re-issues the ultra-rare and essential 1977 album Obi Agye Mi Dofo by revered Ghanian Highlife band Vis-A-Vis. As both a popular live act and in-demand studio musicians, Vis-A-Vis released 13 albums between 1975 and 1982, …

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We Are Busy Bodies 2021 Single Series

We Are Busy Bodies is excited to announce a short-run white label subscription single series for 2021. Each single is limited to 100 copies and is one-sided. The artists are from all around the world and stylistically across many genres. The songs are only available on vinyl through the label and are either new to vinyl, …

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WABB Western Canadian Music Award nominations

We Are Busy Bodies is proud to congratulate label and management acts Wide Mouth Mason on their Blues Artist of the year and Ryan Carl Dahle for Producer of the year for their BreakOut West (Western Canada Music Awards) nominations. We’re really proud to have released what we believe to be one of Wide Mouth Mason’s best albums to date and that longtime friend, Limblifter co-leader produced the album.