We Are Busy Bodies is excited to announce a short-run white label subscription single series for 2021. Each single is limited to 100 copies and is one-sided. The artists are from all around the world and stylistically across many genres. The songs are only available on vinyl through the label and are either new to vinyl, new songs, unreleased tracks, live performances or remixes. The songs are not available digitally through We Are Busy Bodies. We’ll also be throwing in other surprises with subscription orders. 

We’re so incredibly appreciative of each artist for participating and look forward to trying something a little different. The singles will ship in groupings of four, with the first batch shipping in January. While we do not anticipate any artist changes, we still will state that the line-up of participating artists is subject to change. 

In alphabetical order, our 2021 series includes:

Brendan Canning
Donny McCaslin 
Dany Laj and The Looks
Etuk Ubong
Gonora Sounds
Khun Narin
Mattson 2
Nihilist Spasm Band
Richard Skelton

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