Ill considered are a band comprising of musicians interacting with each other to create freely improvised music, based loosely around simple pre-written themes or composed on the spot. Deep grooves and plaintive melodies ranging from whispered chants to monstrous climaxes. Idris Rahman, Emre Ramazanoglu and Liran Donin are based out of London , UK, but bring a distinctly international sound. Ill Considered continue to astound with their energetic and touching music, fusing free improvisation with a deep understanding of groove. At the cutting edge of contemporary UK improvised music, their voice is completely based on creating compositions in the moment. Their dynamic jams host a range of influences from Electronic/ Drum & Bass to Afrobeat and Spiritual jazz, but always encompass an unmistakeable funk & beat element. Essential to Ill Considered’s ethos is visual artist and film maker Vincent de Boer’s contribution, considered a full member of the band and part of the intense audio visual interactive shows they can also perform, using innovative technology to allow the audience to influence the band’s improvisation in real time.