We Are Busy Bodies are a record label and management company started by Eric Warner in 2005. The label started as an extension of a concert promotion company he founded in 1999, with the intention of releasing records by friends’ bands from near and far. The mandate of the label is to act as a stepping-stone or springboard for artists, with many We Are Busy Bodies alumni going on to achieve commercial success and critical acclaim.

As a record label and fans of music in general, we are excited to continue releasing our favourite records by bands you may know and love and new bands you will grow to love.


I'm a writer for a magazine/newspaper/website - can I get a promo records for review? 

We have a limited number of physical promos and receive an exceptional number of requests, which does not allow us to fulfil all promo requests. We can usually provide digital if not physical. Please do not be offended if we cannot fulfil your request.  Please email press@wearebusybodies.com for all inquiries.

Where is my order? Why is it not with me right this very moment? 

 Unfortunately not all of our orders come with tracking numbers. While we work diligently to send out our orders in a timely manner, sometimes we encounter issues out of our control. If you have not received your order, please email us at orders@wearebusybodies.com and we will figure it out. 

Will you release my/our/their record? 

We have been very fortunate to work with a great number of bands that we truly admire. We're always happy to listen to new music, but it doesn't mean we can release it. Email eric@wearebusybodies.com  links to music. MP3 attachments will be deleted immediately.


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